Bali Bound (But Sometimes Against Your Will)

During my time studying abroad in Australia I also took a short trip to Bali with my mum for her birthday. Bali was the tropical, humid and suffocatingly hot getaway that I needed after a couple months of Melbourne winter- take it from me, it still gets cold in Australia. We stayed in two places, the first being Ubud, arguably my favourite area that we visited, I lived for the markets, the local art and slightly less westernised food. The highlight of Ubud for me manifested in two sights- the Ubud market and the Monkey Forest. The Ubud market was hectic, colourful and equal parts mass produced and intricate, goods ranging from wooden penis keychains to gorgeous baatic sarongs.


Despite the seemingly affordable price tags on many of the items, it was also super easy to get ripped off so haggle. Everything can be gotten for cheaper and look around because many vendors sell similar items. From what I’ve observed, Ubud is definitely cheaper than Seminyak, so if you’re looking for local goods, this is where to go.

Streets of Seminyak

Our second stop Seminyak was a little more disappointing- this area is so touristy and filled with Australians that I was almost a little confused where I actually was. The pollution was pretty bad but the sunsets were some of the best I’ve seen in my entire life.

Seminyak Beach

Now, here’s the part where I’m here against my will, a few hours prior to my flight back to Melbourne, I saw an email from Jetstar that my flight had been cancelled and that I would have to rebook it. However, when I tried to rebook my flight, the only available flights were three days later and they refused to set us up with a different airline. Normally, I’d be pretty flexible, but I had booked an airbnb that was non-refundable and my mum’s time in Melbourne would be significantly reduced. We’d also been rendered homeless since we had already checked out of the hotel we were staying at. Eventually things were sorted out but I had lost about $200 from my airbnb and I couldn’t take my mum to half the places I wanted to. Just here to say Jetstar sucks ass. Regardless, the trip was pretty good, and I managed to take some cool photos and got my fair share of humidity.