The Same But Different

Just had a quick thought, it’s interesting how people who share very similar genetic material can come out so different. I was stalking my sister’s art page recently and it suddenly occurred to me how similar but yet starkly different we were to each other- we both hold a strong affinity to the creative and the arts, yet we express it very differently. I love photography- film or digital whereas she prefers painting and physically drawing and sketching. Perhaps I gave up too early on my artistic inclination in that aspect, but I love the way I express myself. Personality wise I have always been the black sheep of my *relatively* conservative family ( I have had hair every colour of the rainbow and even rainbow at one point if that explains anything), but she has always been my more rational, clear headed counterpart.

Anyway, enough rambling, I found a few film photos that were salvaged from my short trip to Brisbane, the camera I used was a vintage manual Minolta that I had acquired from a market in Melbourne. The camera itself was gorgeous, but ofcourse I had no guarantee of whether it worked properly or not, regardless I have no self control so I bought it. It worked pretty well until I had to take the roll of film out, the film was jammed within the camera and I being stupid tried to pry it out underneath my jacket, so some of the film was exposed to light. I still haven’t used the camera again so I’m not entirely sure of the camera is faulty or I was just stupid. Despite losing some photos, the one’s that survived still look pretty sick with the light leaks.

A very blurry photo of the vintage camera in Brisbane city

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