Cafes, Cats and Cacti

The summer holidays are here which translates to lots of free time to do nothing at home but also to shoot more film! I’ve been more into exploring my local neighbourhood recently since I’ll be moving across London soon for university. The first stop I wanted to revisit was a cute little cafe/ garden centre in Warwick Avenue. Situated around a 5 minute walk from the Bakerloo line stop, the garden centre is refreshingly green and houses a very adorable cafe in a greenhouse-like setting.

The cafe is called The Quince Tree Cafe and has a really nice atmosphere, a perfect way to spend a warm summer day. Price wise, the selection is a little pricy, my boyfriend and I spent around £3.50 each for an iced coffee and a lemonade. The cakes were also priced from £2-4 which is relatively standard for a decent cafe in London.

If you walk around the garden centre you’ll see a wide array of flowers, succulents and potted plants, the greenhouse was personally my favourite part as the decor inside was equally as pretty as the plants themselves.

When I originally started this blog I was hesitant about posting photos that had me in them, but honestly, I quite like a lot of the photos that I’m in. Having to avoid posting photos of myself meant I couldn’t share photos that would probably be aesthetically pleasing regardless of my presence in it. So here’s a couple of shots with me in it, and if you want to shoot in this location maybe a some inspiration for photos!

Thats all from me today! Enjoy the photos and keep shooting film!

Sophia xx