Cafes, Cats and Cacti

The summer holidays are here which translates to lots of free time to do nothing at home but also to shoot more film! I’ve been more into exploring my local neighbourhood recently since I’ll be moving across London soon for university. The first stop I wanted to revisit was a cute little cafe/ garden centre […]

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Urban Jungle

This is a set of photos that I took last summer in the Barbican Conservatory. This was the beginning of me reigniting my love for film photography and photography in general. Most of the photos I have taken on this blog are done with a compact 35mm automatic camera that I bought on eBay. Most […]

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Barcelona Baskin’

Just took a little trip to Barcelona for the weekend since I found super cheap tickets online (£30 return, can you blame me?!), I just got my film photos developed and thought I’d share them on here! Not going to ramble too much since I have a stupid amount of work to do but here […]

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The Same But Different

I found a few film photos that were salvaged from my short trip to Brisbane, the camera I used was a vintage manual Minolta that I had acquired from a market in Melbourne. The camera itself was gorgeous, but ofcourse I had no guarantee of whether it worked properly or not, regardless I have no […]

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